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List of default shortcuts

on June 17th 2010

Can anyone point me in the direction of the list of default shortcuts, and more importantly, can someone please explain to me if and how I can center a graphic I'm drawing?

For example, let's say I'm drawing something simple like a square with effects... after I draw it, how can I make sure that it is centered on the canvas? I am hoping there is a key I can push to do it automatically, but I can't find it.


on June 17th 2010

There is no central list of shortcuts (keyboard accelerators) - they are visible in main menu.

Drawing tools accelerators are displayed in tooltips. Each group has one accelerator and they only work when the raster image editor is active. For example press B to cycle between tools in the Brush group.

There is no simple way to center your drawn shapes. If you want your shapes at exact coordinates, you can right-click a handle (the colored point you can draw) and the pick Modify handle coordinates form the menu. There you can type the exact numbers.

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