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on July 28th 2010

I've made 3 cool cursors so far titles: blue cursor.ani , blue cursor working.ani , and blue busy.ani

Any feedback? I'm sorta new to this program but it is a nice cursor for a beginner. (At, least I think so)

on July 28th 2010

Very good first cursors!

If you want to keep improving, I would recommend looking at what others have made and trying to replicate the best pieces. You can find some good cursors in in the library here, on deviantart, wincustomize or elsewhere. And then comes the hard part...picking a unique theme and doing a whole cursor set :-).

on July 29th 2010

As sort of a beta but not in library, I did make a set. Although I didn't bevel it. It's blue with an expanding and contracting black glow around each cursor of the set. It's a bit primitive.

on July 29th 2010

I forgot to sign in. It's me hikick8

on September 20th 2010

send my guy a message: how to put cursors on the web!!!!

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