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Rename old files and replacing with new resized ones.

on August 5th 2010


I have no clue if this can be done with this app but here it is, I want to take a folder full of jpgs and resize them. I do not want to over write the originals but want them renamed maybe old-pic1.jpg and have the new resized pics to have the original name, pic1.jpg

Any suggestions on how to do this?

on August 14th 2010

It cannot be done with just Picture Resizer. To get as close as possible, backup the whole folder manually and then overwrite the files.

on August 30th 2010

My standard procedure is to run a directory full of images through the photoresizer, and then use the batch renamer:

firstly change the entire filename to lowercase,

then to add "orig_" to the original files,

and then remove "_400" from the photoresized pictures.

and for good measure, I also change the camera's filename prefix of
"dsc..." to something descriptive such as "mary_birthday..."
(replace dsc with mary_birthday )

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