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Preview in Snapshot Editor gone

on September 25th 2010


in the new Version of RW Icon Editor, in the module where I set up my snapshots, the preview window is gone. Also there is no more "Manage Layouts" Menu.

How can i get it back?

on September 25th 2010

Yes, it was removed because it can slow things down a lot. Updating the preview takes the same time as converting the picture to a raster image. The thumbnails in the snapshot list are supposed to replace its functionality.

If you want to get it back, you would have to reconfigure the layout. Manage Layout and the other commands are only visible if you enable them in the Application Options window ("Show menu commands for layout control" item).

To bring back the panel, you would have to:

  1. Add the panel.
  2. Choose "Document - Extract Document Part" as the View type of the panel.
  3. Set Sync ID to "LAYER".
  4. Choose "Image - Viewer" as the View type inside the panel.

It can be tricky to navigate the configuration. Here is a tutorial for layout customization.

Or download, unzip and import this modified layout and remove the older one (possibly export it before deleting it).

on September 25th 2010

The .rwlayout did work for me.

Thank you

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