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How do you animate cursors on RealWorld Cursor editor?
on November 23rd 2010

I'm a bit stuck!

on November 23rd 2010
on November 24th 2010

Sos, but I am just new!

on November 27th 2010

Try do duplicate the frame or make a completely new one. When your cursor has 2 or more frames, the software will say it's animated. Like:

You want a cursor that changes every frame from green, to red, to blue and back to green.
Make a cursor (in whatever shape you want), make it green. Then you duplicate the frame (in the toolbar for the frames, button with 2 + ),
and give it a red colour. After that, duplicate again and give it a blue colour.
Now you have a cursor that changes from green to red to blue and finally back to green.

You can change the frame speed, but you don't need to, you only have to do that if u want to let it change colour faster.

Well, I hope this information is useful :-)

Good luck!

on April 3rd 2011

Make a cursor that is red. Then make it again in another frame in green.

Now set the speed as high as possible.

Instant headache...

on July 23rd 2011

I will post a link that you can download and see how my cursor is. Once you know then you can try too.


on March 16th 2012

JDDellGuy, did you know that cursors like that are dangerous because they can provocate epilepsy or any other kind of seizure…? sorry by the off-topic message.

on March 17th 2012

You have to make raster layers draw something on each dupe the frame on your 2nd frame you draw whats next watch The Create animated water drop cursor tutorial

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