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Getting a toolbar to open with RW Graphics automatically

How do I get the Raster editor toolbar to open with the program?
on February 2nd 2011

I use the raster editor toolbar in RW Icon Editor because I switch between the large and small grids often. The only problem is that I have to open the raster editor toolbar every time I re-open the program. Is there a way to get the raster editor toolbar to automatically be there when I open the program rather than having to click on "view" and turn it on every time?

on February 2nd 2011

Create/open an icon, display the toolbar, then right-click on it and click on Configure toolbar. In the upper right corner of the window is a checkbox called Hidden. Uncheck that, click OK and then close the icon.

Do this while no other window with an icon is opened. Otherwise the last closed window will override the setting.

on February 3rd 2011

Perfect! Thanks. :-)

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