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High-detailed of cursors

on March 12th 2011


Today, I was making a new cursor, which has a size of 200x200 pixels. After I looked at the preview, I saw an ugly cursor which didn't look like the one I made.

If I look at some of the cursor sets, they're high quality. To make them more detailed, I can use a custom cursor size, but... If you look at the cursor preview, it has extremely low detail. So: Is the preview giving me a false preview, or does it really become low detail?

Second of all, if I make a cursor that has a size of 200x200 pixels, I have to make a dot of 15x15 pixels, if I want (for instance) a dot to show up in the cursor preview.

Well, I hope my English is good enough for you to understand, and any help is appreciated :-)


on March 12th 2011

I assume you meant the preview in the "test area". That is a real preview of the cursor as it would look like when used in Windows. Windows always rescales the cursor to its default size and uses low quality rescaling method (simply leaving out pixels).

It is a good idea to design the cursors in high resolution, but before actually using and publishing them, you should use the editor to get them back to the standard size. (It uses a better scaling method than Windows, because speed is not an issue at this point.) If you want a quick preview, rescale them, look at the test area and then hit Undo to get back to designing them at high resolution.

on March 13th 2011

Wups, my bad :P

Thanks Vlasta :-)

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