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Multiple pictures?

add more than 1 pictures?
on March 19th 2011

Hi there. I was about to make a naruto animeted gif. But I noticed lack in feature of the software. Maybe its just me, but I think im right about this. here are my steps

2.Cursor from image

Ok here im stuck. How do I add more than 1 pictures? Ive gone through all your menu icons etc. There is no way to add multiple pictures is there?

Only 1 pictures? Well that kind of sucked :-)
But the program is very great. Dont misunderstand me :-D. I really want to add more than 1 pictures. I wanted to make a animated cursor with many different pictures.

I also want you to add 1 extra feature. The program does not support gif files.

Features I want
1. Add multiple pictures
2. Support gif files

Thank you. Youre the greatest :-D

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Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?