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Looking for a script to combine images into a strip.

on July 27th 2011

Hi everybody.
Okay, here's my problem.

I am working on using Blender to create animated cursors. I am outputting the animation as a series of still images. I then open each image up in an image editor, copy the image, and paste it into the next frame of the cursor editor. For smooth animation, I may have a lot of frames. Thus, it takes a long time and is rather tedious. Is there a script, batch file, or something, that has been or could be created for this?

I would expect to be able to drop a series of images through the batch file and have them automatically put together as an animated cursor.


It would "sew" the images together into a long string so that I could use the RealWorld Cursor "Cursor to image" tool which would then automatically assemble the string into an animated cursor.

Any ideas? Help of some sort? If you are familiar with Blender and know how to tell it to render in such a fashion as to create a string, that would help as well.


on January 2nd 2012

Sorry I have no idea!

on January 14th 2012

did you ever find a script for this?

on September 20th 2012

if you hold the Ctrl key while selecting a pic for "create cursor from image" you can select more than 1 picture and make animated cursor. other than that, IDK!

on September 20th 2012

OK, this topic is now obsolete, because the problem was solved in RW Cursor Editor 2012.1. For those, who are reading it now, you can simply select multiple image files when converting image to cursor via the wizard.

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