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help idk what to do i realy need help please

how do i set RealWorld Icon Editor back to defalt mode
on August 12th 2011

i have messed with it and idk what to do
all the tools are gone and idk what to do how do i set it back to defalt mode
idk what to do i cant get any thing back
what do i do???
how do i reset it so i have every
thing bsck to the way when it was installed
please help me i have no clue what to do i tryed uninstalling it and reinstalling it i tryed system restore but that didnt work what do i do???????
i messed with the Configure toolbar and now it got me into this i gess i should of left that alon is there any way i can fix this

on October 31st 2011

When you launch the application, hold the left Shift and the Ctrl buttons.

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What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...