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Cannot Change Cursor

Cursor not changing as imagined
on September 26th 2011

Basically I'm trying to edit one of Windows standard cursors (Normal Select), and it wont change over. I tried using the 'Cursor - Use Current For ..' and it shows in the preview that it changed but when I go and try it out, it hasn't changed. It started as a 1 bit color file, and I changed it to a 32 bit then edited it..

I also tried saving as .. and then loading it up manually in Control Panel and with the RW Editor and even in the preview of my saved file it shows as black (Not the color I'm trying to change it to, but the standard cursor I use) The only time I get to see it as the color I changed it over to is in the 'Preview' 'Cursor - Use Current For ..' and in the 'Customize' section of the program.

any ideas?

on November 26th 2011

Did you download Change Cursor?

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...