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How do i make Smooth Cursors instead of pixels

How do i make Smooth Cursors instead of pixels
on March 16th 2012

When im making a cursor how do i get it smooth instead of pixels and transparent

on March 17th 2012

There's a smooth and pixelated mode for drawing. Smooth doesn't works for pencil, and pixelated doesn't work for paintbrush.

on March 18th 2012

so what if i want it to work with gradient like smooth gradient instead of pixel and transparent gradient

on June 10th 2012

It is a secret.

on April 10th 2013

Is it possible to do it.

on April 19th 2013

i'm not to sure what your asking, but if you make a line and want it to look straight, you can make a blur on the edge and then erase the outer edge of the line, and the colors will fade with each other better, giving the illusion of a straight line

on March 19th 2016

there is a gradient option when you are choosing the color for something

on May 5th 2016

Hi Im trying to create a cursor with a highlight around it. I cant get the colour of the pointer to change colour

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