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Chg tool that's available by default on opening RWP?

Currently a circle with colour is default tool.
Conlan Garvey
on March 22nd 2012

I hope this one is easy, too. I need either the pointer or a selection tool be the one available by default when opening RWP. I always manage to click the image first-thing forgetting that the brush tool is what's the default.

I don't see anything, again, in the options that I can change so hopefully there's a hack-style of workaround at the very least to have a different option set upon opening as default.

Thanks! It's a great app so hoping the 3 items I've posted about today have solutions as I'm hopeful that RWP will be my graphics editor when away from home.


on March 22nd 2012

There is no dedicated default tool. The application remembers the last used tool.

The last used tool is updated each time an image is closed.

There is one exception. For recently used images, the tool that was used with that image is remembered.

This may sound confusing, so let me rephrase:

  • If the image was recently opened (it is in the list of recently used files), the active tool (plus active colors, fill style and tool settings) are restored when the image is re-opened.
  • If you create a new image or open an image that is not in the list of recently used files, the tool that was active when the last window with an image was closed is reactivated.
Conlan Garvey
on March 22nd 2012

Ah, I see that now. Okay, should be alright now as at work, I'll tend to be working mostly with a handful of tools that don't include the brush.


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