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Slow Animated Cursors in Windows 7

on May 16th 2012

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem.

I used Cursor Editor 2009.1 and 2012.1 (tried both) in Windows XP Pro (32-bit) to create some animated cursors (about 6 - 12 frames).

However in both Windows 7 Pro and Home Premium (64-bit) the icons animate very slowly regardless of what I set the jiffy to be on each frame. It seems like Windows 7 ignores the jiffies settings?

I haven't found much evidence that Windows 7 supports a different ANI file format, so maybe it's just a bug in Windows 7? But then again their own animated cursors seem to move at the right speeds...

on May 16th 2012

Okay, I found the problem. It was a PEBCAK type error.

I was noticing the slowdown over remote desktop (where I was setting up this machine). =) But once I was using it stand-alone, it was not a problem.

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