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Difficulty w/ Moving Shadow

Windows 7 Home Premium using RealWorld CE 2012.1
on May 17th 2012

Thank you in advance for any tips/advice you can offer!

I downloaded "book-page-turning.ani" from the Gallery on this site in order to recolorize to dark brown and add text on pages. I've been able to do this, but I find that the shadow on the cursor increases and decreases based on frame progression. This is very distracting! I've checked that the same problem occurs with the original downloaded image. One should be able to download this image to verify my issue.

The problem also occurs in the RealWorld editor test area but not in the preview. The problem is slightly lessened by turning off shadows but not enough for me to feel OK w/ losing the shadows on my other cursors, lol.

I don't believe this topic has been addressed; forgive me if I missed the thread!

on May 17th 2012

The cursor contains a shadow, so the Windows shadow in control panel should probably be turned off when using this cursor.

That said, the intensity of the shadow should be constant and indeed it is when I use it on my computer. If the intensity fluctuates on yours, it may be due to an error in your display adapter driver. A newer display driver may fix the issue.

on May 18th 2012

Thank you for your response. I ended up turning off shadows as I noticed an effect on my other cursors as well. Indeed, it may be a problem with intensity. I'll look into display drivers. :-)

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