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I need to squeeze the width ONLY of multiple photos.

on July 6th 2012

My 480x234 7" photo frame distorts images, even if I have it display them in "actual size".

I've discovered that I need to shrink the width ONLY of all my photos (about 1000) of them to 86.666% of their original size to get them to show with the correct aspect ratio.

Is there a way to do this with your tool?

I've used the tool to make all images exactly 468 pixels high (oddly enough making them 234 pixels high only used half the height when in "actual size" mode), but the images are of varying width (194 pixels to 936 pixels wide).

on July 6th 2012

It is currently not possible to change only width when percentages are given. Though maybe you can use the tool to change the photos to exactly the size the photoframe expects? With PhotoResize480x234.exe? Or possibly with PhotoResize480x34x0.exe to maintain aspect ratio and extend the canvas when needed?

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