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-p plus -d in one commandline

on October 20th 2012

First of all:

Great Tool!!!

I've first tried to get good results using imageMagick for resizing images and got some difficulties ...

Well, my commandline-code implemented in JS:
var batFileString = '\"' + pathPhotoResize + '\"' + ' -o -t -q100 -n -a -m -x22 -i -p' + scaling + '%%' + ' ' + '\"' + exportedFilePath + '\"';

Problem here: I'd like to add the dpi in this line ... physical size in pixels should maintain ...

Can do it in two steps, but it's this'll be like running around the block when allready finished ... ;-)

Thx in advance

Hans-Gerd Claßen

on October 20th 2012

I am afraid, you'll need to do that in 2 steps (unless you just want to leave the DPI untouched). But the second step is really fast - it just overwrites the resolution number in the header and leaves everything else as is (make sure to use -t in the second step).

The reason for this is that resizing by DPI is one of the modes and onle one mode can be used in one resizing.

on October 20th 2012

thx for your support!

Have a nice weekend:)

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