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How do I upload images?

le newb question
on November 24th 2012
Uploaded images are placed in a rsrc folder...

How do I upload images to the rsrc/ folder? Lol newb question, but just wondering

on November 30th 2012

The smiley package is awesome! Thanks for posting it.
I'm curious, where are the directions for making, and posting a media package?

on December 1st 2012

When I saw a reply to my topic, I got excited because I thought someone had answered my question, but now you crushed all my hopes and dreams. *runs to corner crying*


But seriously, thanks for your opinion! And in order to upload an image pack, you have to email Vlasta ( a zip archive of your pack, all the images in the archive should be 256x256 pixels in size, and you should label the images something like this:
and soforth, with the number before the underscore (_) being the layer number (1 being lowest layer, 2 being layer above that, etc...)

At least, I think that's how you do it. But if this is too confusing for you, wait 'till Vlasta adds an automatic imagepack adding function on the site or something.

on December 1st 2012

Yes, packs for the icon assembler must still be added manually by me. I hope to finish the tool one day, but it gets postponed and postponed.

As for uploading images, you can do that in your blog. Then they can also be used elsewhere (like in set descriptions or forum posts).

on December 1st 2012

That makes sense. Thanks!

Blog? Muah ha ha ha (sound of evil laughter)....

on December 1st 2012

Thanks Vlasta! I've been waiting for an answer forever! XD

on December 1st 2012

Dangit I forgot to login D:

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