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Overwritting original files

on April 22nd 2013


I am creating a set of batch files to automatically resize a set of images.
The problem is that whenever I execute the batch script, it keeps the original images and adds the new resized image.
I have tried the following command: -w1024 -r -o "-cC:\Images\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "C:\Images", but none of the images are resized, the command shows an error.
Is there a command argument that will allow me to do the same thing as if I drag and dropped images over PhotoResize400I.exe?

BTW, great software and very easy to use!!!

on April 22nd 2013
-w1024 -r -o -i "C:\Images"

-i works like the I letter in the filename

You original command does not work, because it would be unsafe. If the conversion failed in the middle, the image would be lost (already partially overwritten). The -i mode create a new copy and only if it succeeds, it deletes the original and moves the copy.

on July 16th 2013

I am using windows 7. I love the program, and have used it on several computers. I just installed it on another computer, and it keeps the original,as well as makes a new one. I want it to overwrite the original. I have tried the f2 key, get no other option menu.

on July 16th 2013

I found my answer. The explanation on the web site wasnt clear to me. I simply renamed the icon "PhotoResize1024I.exe".

Thanks for the easy to use program!!!

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