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error in new Paint program?

I can't save!
Mikey Z
on May 2nd 2013

Hey, I tried out the new RW-Paint that was just released, and while I like the new program, there's one problem that I can't get around: I can't get it to save! I'm not sure what's stopping it from working, but I just drew a new vector image and tried to save, but I can't get it to do anything. I get to the window where I choose where to put it and what to name it, but the save button doesn't work! Anyone know what's going on?

on May 2nd 2013

Is there an error message? Does the name contain any unusual characters? Is the selected folder somehow special?

The save button normally "does not work" if the name box is empty and there is a warning sound.

Do you use a portable version or the installer? Did you have the previous version installed in the same place?

Mikey Z
on May 3rd 2013

oOops! Sorry, mistake on my end. Is there a delete button on this forum?

My computer has been acting VERY glitchy lately. It does work after I did an antivirus scan. You can forget I said anything.

...While I'm talking to a computer expert, do you know of a place where I can get a hand figuring out what's stopping my apps from connecting to the net? IE is somehow the only app that can connect to the internet after the last virus attack. I got it scanned, then took it to the pros, but since that last virus nothing can update or play multiplayer or anything!

Mikey Z
on May 27th 2013

Nevermind on that one too. Just got it fixed! YAY! 8D

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