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Can I measure?

Would I be able to measure an image (line segment) as in illustrator? I'd like to scale images for printing
on August 29th 2013

Hi All,

I'm new to RealWorld but used to use so I know the basics only.
I've a few questions I'd like to know if you guys know how? : )

Can I measure a line segment? I'd like to be able to scale and print trusting the line segments measure I added is correct?

How can I make a square/rectangle with the 'unlock' size measure on? I'd like to be able to increase size with on only one size for instance.

last one! When working on animations, I'm thinking of using it to my website. Would it be compatible with tablets? I ask because I believe tablets don't support flash based animations? Am I wrong? : /

Thank you all for the time spent in replying!

Dani ; )

on August 29th 2013

Hi Dani,

there is no permanently visible ruler in RWPaint, but current coordinates of the mouse are displayed in the status bar. If you do not want to subtract the coordinates of the start and end positions in your head, you can for example switch to the transform tool and then drag a rectangle around the measured object - you'll then see the dimensions in pixels in the status bar to the left of the current coordinates. The coordinates and dimensions are always in pixels. You can set the resolution when creating new images, but some file formats do not support it and so it is best to specify the physical dimensions of an image just before printing. If you use the Print plug-in, you can specify the width or height of the printed image in inches or millimeters in the Print window.

You can create animated GIF, PNG and WebP images with RWPaint. You'll probably want to stick with GIF, because animated PNGs are only supported in Firefox and animated WebP images are not yet supported in any browser, but they probably will be supported in future Chrome builds.

on November 8th 2013

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on December 24th 2013

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on October 28th 2015

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