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Post your scripts, and find some more
on September 21st 2013

I hope users will post various scripts here to enhance the general awesomeness of the RealWorld applications suite and help each other.

Following is a template (for ease of browsing) to post scripts.

Description: describe what the script does.

Configuration (optional)

place config script here. Using a space before lines makes a codeblock.


place main script here.

Notes: (optional) special usage instructions, variable descriptions, or comments etc.

Scope: (optional, recommended) whether the script only works with certain RW apps, or works with selection masks, or affects all layers, or needs plugin(s) etc.

Download:(optional, recommended) the script as a downloadable RWcommands file.
Preview (add a preview only if necessary, otherwise the page might take a long time to load in case of too many images)

on October 30th 2013

Got tired of having to put a space at the beginning of ever line for code so here's a bookmarklet to do it for you....
...go to that page and drag the link on it to your bookmarks bar or where ever.
Select the text to indent, then click on the bookmark. Make sure on the first line you select from the very beginning of the line.

Only tested in Chrome on Windows.

If you feel like editing the code for it, then click the edit button on the right and the code for the bookmarklet is in the JS tab, there's code in the html tab to do the conversion. Just click Run JS on the right to create the link. The links title is in the html near the top. And dont remove the //noprotect on the first line, thats a JsBin thing.

on October 31st 2013

Congrats on the new section, it looks great!
You never want a dead looking part of a forum and you've fleshed it out and organised it lovely.
Good stuff!

Oh and thanks for doing mine :-)

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
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