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Request for shaped gradient fill?

You know, like Microsoft's Path fill tool in Office?
Mikey Z
on November 26th 2013

I know it's a complicated thing but does anyone know if it's possible to make a gradiented shape fill tool that is customizable like the others but takes the shape of the object you're drawing? Thanks in advance!

on November 26th 2013

Use my Shape Burst script and then beg Vlasta to add a Gradient Mapping Adjustment filter ;-)

Mikey Z
on November 26th 2013

I hadn't noticed what that was for but it's really good! Thanks!

I'm new to scripting though. How do I pick the colors? Where do the color codes go?

on November 27th 2013

Ive update it to allow you to pick the colours used for the gradient.
These are only the start and end colours as doing more would be a pain (and Im real busy with some other shiny thing at the moment).
Which is why it would be good if we had a gradient map adjustment that could have the lovely gradient maker of the fill.
Still, might help.

Mikey Z
on November 29th 2013

Actually that's really good! Thank you! :-D

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