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how do you make a working in background cursor?

on March 19th 2014

All I want to know is how do you put a cursor and hourglass in the right places whenever I try I put the cursor first then add the rotating circles and it worked the way I thought it would but the circle is overlapping the mouse. What do I do?

on March 19th 2014

The command that generates the circle always puts it in the center. If you want to have in a different place, the best way would be to:

  1. create the rotating circle
  2. select all frames
  3. repeatedly go to menu Image->More transformations->Shift up/down/left/right until you are happy
  4. create a new layer in the first frame
  5. draw your arrow there
  6. copy the whole layer to clipboard
  7. paste the layer into all other frames
on March 19th 2014

Oh I didn't see the more transformation thing. Thank you.

on April 25th 2017


I really want to put the shiftup/down/left/right in the toolbar.
I can find the Icon, but I can't find the operations.

Can anyone help me with this?

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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