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Nonlinear color scale

on December 30th 2014

Hi all,
In Cursor Editor, is there a way to make the color scale linear (i.e. 50% on the decimal scale = 7F on the hex scale, instead of BA like it is now)? It's a pain in the rear end trying to get gradients right with the nonlinear scale.

on December 30th 2014

I know that it looks strange, but due to historical reasons, color intensities are not linear. The sRGB color profile has gamma value of ~2.2 and 50% intensity maps to #BA. So, if the gradients you see do not look right to you, your display is probably not calibrated properly (or you are used to wrong gradients from other programs).

rsrc/gamma-gradient.png image
The left gradient is visually correct, the right one is numerically linear and too dark on a proper display.

If you really want to produce visually wrong gradients, you can apply gamma correction of 0.45 as a layer effect (via the Adjust exposure icon in layer styles config) or manually. Or you can grab earlier version of the cursor editor and set gamma to 1 in application options (this won't work in the latest version and the setting will disappear in future version).

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