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A single animated cursor from different picture files

on March 15th 2015

I downloaded a layered .png (yes...a layered .png). I saved all 12 layers as individual .png files. (I tried opening the layered .png in RWC but RWC says it's an unsupported file type)

I want to create an animated cursor using all 12 layers but have no clue how to do it. In RWC if I click on Create > Cursor from Image > Create and then select the picture file named Layer 1.png, the editor opens with that pic displayed and showing as a layer. From this point I'd like to add the picture file Layer 2.png to Layer 1 and have it added as a layer in RWC.

Can this be done? Can I make a single animated cursor using 12 individual pictures files so that each picture makes up the layers of the single animated cursor?

on March 15th 2015

PNG does not have a standard for layers. If you have a file with .png, it probable uses a custom extension and calling it a .png is just confusing things.

That said, what you want is possible. If your picture already has the right size for a cursor, create a cursor from the first layer and then switch to the Layers tab and drag and drop the individual layers onto the pane (or use the Import layer button). If your source file has incorrect size for a cursor, there are several ways how to continue, but the easiest way is probable to first resize them all.

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