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having an issue with the RW cursor editor

specificaly in the import /export layer department
on July 5th 2015

What happens is i open up a new document .or even an existing one ,,then maybe do a few cuts and so on .As soon as i try to export that layer ,,my whole editor just freezes up,and will not allow me to do anything ,no functionality whatsoever ,i uninstalled and re installed ,but no good ,it still does it
weird thing is all was great yesterday ,suddenly ,it just started ,no changes were made to my system either so its kind of bugging me
if anyone can help out or knows of this issue ,i'd love to get it sorted out

on July 6th 2015

If re-installing does not work, try to reset configuration. Although the behavior you are describing sounds strange for a corrupted configuration.

on July 6th 2015

Thank you Vlasta ,I managed to get the portable version going smoothly,but will look into that for sure ,
thanks again

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