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Having problems with the right batch command

on September 16th 2015

What a great tool. I have converted lots of images already, but I do not want to do that manually anymore, but in a batch. I have a batch file with the following command:

PhotoResizeF800x600.exe test.jpg

The executable PhotoResizeF800x600 is in the same directory as the file test.jpg. When I run the batch file, I get what I want. The file test.jpg is downsampled within the size 800x600px.

Now I would like to replace the filename test.jpg by a variable so that all jpg files in this directory will be resized and after resizing being moved to a directory C:\done. I have tried several variables: for the filename <NAME>.jpg (with and without quotes), <SRCNAME>.jpg (with and without quotes. Unfortunately I am not getting the desired result. Also with the destination directory I am having problems.

Can someone help me getting the correct commandline in the batch file?

on September 16th 2015

You may try

PhotoResizeF800x600.exe .

The dot indicates the current folder in Windows .bat files.

If you also want to specify a different output folder, try:

PhotoResizeF800x600.exe "-cC:\done\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" .
on September 17th 2015

Thanx Vlasta. Both commands work fine.

Now I would like to add some more variables: Q, O, S and V. For Q, O and V I managed to get it working:

PhotoResizeF1400x600OQ85V.exe "-cC:\done\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" .

But how do I use the 'S' for skipping smaller files. I have tried different combinations in the filename of the executable and in the batch command. But I am probably putting the variables in the wrong position.

on September 17th 2015

There is a wizard on the tool's home page that should help you with the ordering.

on September 17th 2015

Great, I got it working. Thanx a lot.
I did already notice the wizard, but not as being a wizard. I thought it was a picture. Sorry for that.

on April 24th 2016

I had the same question as T64, and I also did not realize the "wizard" was intended to be used from your web page.

Suggest you add some text to clarify.

Love your tools, thanks so much.

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