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Help with coding

I need help with coding using javascript
on February 5th 2016

I was wondering how to use Java Script, I know all the basic coding, I learned it in a website called "scratch" but it uses visual script codes, I don't know what to type for what. So... Can you help me? Thanks!

on February 5th 2016

What script would you like to create?

on February 7th 2016

I Would like to make this script: forever:If Mouse down = yes, Repeat Until <not>MouseDown> then switch costume to costume 2 costume
If Mouse Down = no then switch costume to costume 1

on July 12th 2018

This would appear to be an "on click switch to another cursor". I'm also interested. Wondering if it can be done and if so, how to accomplish this.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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