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the software cannot work

please help me
on March 9th 2016

I have put the icon of photo resize on the desktop then i pull the photo to the photo resize icon but there are a dailog box tell me that "find latest version of photoresize and other handy sofware on ...."then nothing occur.
Anywere it was work well before but it is not work suddenly.i do not know why ?

on March 10th 2016

that message is displayed at the end every time; there may be a problem with the image you are trying to resize

on March 30th 2016

I'm having this on a photo taken on a brand new android phone (latest Android). Tried running the resize on Win10/Srv2008/Srv2003 computers before worked out it must be the source image format. Fixed by opening in a photo app and "save as" JPG again. Now the file can be resized.

on March 2nd 2017

j'aimerai avoir changer de cursor plz

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
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