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Problem with rotating images

on March 30th 2016

Hello, I'm using the photo resizer program. A lot of the images I'm using have been rotated using windows photo viewer, but this only does a soft rotation, which doesn't affect the exif rotation data. With copy metadata on on the photo resizer, it does seem to save the rotation. The problem is when I upload my photos to my online reporting system they revert to the wrong orientation. If I open the soft rotated image in paint and then save it, this will change the exif data, but this is too time consuming.
Any ideas?

on March 30th 2016

If I remember correctly, my Picture Resizer also keeps the metadata intact when rotating.

Maybe the best solution for you would be to not rotate the images at all and let the online system do the job in the future? If you do not have access to the original pictures and need to deal with a large amount of images with wrong rotation tags, you need something to overwrite them. RealWorld Photos with the right scripted batch operation should be able to do it, but it is a paid program, maybe you can find a free solution somewhere on the web.

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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?