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Weird display error in cursor editor after rotation and/or trans

Arbitrary rotation and transformation.
on June 16th 2016

Each and everytime I use arbitrary rotation or transformation function on cursor frames. I get a weird display glitch where the preview panel display animated cursor with noise (noisy dot effect), and random junk piece on cursor working screen space (the big screen at the center). The glitch only dissappear after I go through each and every frames to draw a selection region over whole frame. But it takes time 'coz every frames need manually repeat that trick.

So what's the problem here and what is usual way to fix it?

Another little issue (maybe come from my lack of experience with this application) is when use spin frame function, everytime the hotspot point go wild and the cursor spin uneven like crazy, also have to fix the hotspot point every frames. When I use arbitrary rotation manually I can set Adjust canvas to "never" mode

on June 20th 2016

Is there any info about this glitch? I surely can reproduce this glitch any time I edit cursor with rw cursor editor.

on June 21st 2016

Do you see the problem even when you set Adjust canvas to "never"? That should be used with cursors as the non-standard canvas sizes are problematic.

The Spin frame function uses the rotation and to set the canvas adjustment mode, you'll have to right-click the toolbar with the "Spin frame" command, then click "Configure toolbar", then select the last item in the middle list "15 - Document operation", then click the blue text on the right, finally find this line

var rotation = Operation.Create("Raster Image - Rotate");

and put this on the next line:

rotation.Extend = 0;
on June 21st 2016

The 2nd problem doesn't occur when I set Never mode of Adjust canvas on a manually rotation. Otherwise, when I run Spin frame (automatical funtion) then the problem occur. Does the setting apply to 'spin frame' the same way it does to manual rotation. Automatic spin is faster but seems got me error otherhand manual rotation more accurate but takes longer time.

The 1st problem still there every times I rotate or transform cursor frames. Display glitch in working screen and preview panel. They're 2 seperated problems.

I will try your guide soon to see what happen 'coz I don't really get it. The fix you tell me above is about how to solve 1st problem or 2nd one?

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