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Create icon from image, but only certain sizes and bit'th

on June 26th 2016

Hi Vlasta,
I'm using the beta, but I have the non-beta installed too. I've got a bunch of PNG files to make into ICOs, but I only want certain sizes (16,24,32,64) and the highest bit depth (32). Can this batch setup be made with just the GUI, or does it have to be scripted?

on June 27th 2016

You can do it in the new version without scripts, but it is different than in the old version.

In the new version, you start by creating a new icon. Then you add or remove formats and save the icon as .ric (it may be empty).

Then you go to Tools->Application options and to the Icon tab. There you click on the Add... button and locate the saved icon.

This adds a new icon template that you can use in the batch image->icon operation, when creating new icons or when switching templates.

on June 27th 2016

Cool feature! I've saved an icon as a "layered image" .ric file. From the Batch tool though, I can't see how to access it. (scratch that, see Edit3) Do I use the "Import batch operation" command? If I try to, then no dialog opens... RWIE just crashes. I have to use Windows Task Manager to kill the process. I'm using 2015.1.

EDIT: Also note that the imported .ric (called "iconLayered.ric") does not show up here:

Other note: Attempting to use the export function also causes the above-mentioned crash.

EDIT2: Actually, I just realized that the old "non-beta" version of RWIE has a "Custom image format [Configure]" setting. I was able to use that. The feature you describe above is pretty cool though... I'd like it if I could get that to work too. :-)

EDIT3: I just tried it again, and it is there in the list! Maybe I just needed to restart the app a couple times (?)

on June 27th 2016

A restart should not be needed, but bugs happen ;-).

on December 12th 2019

1.This step to follow
2.Go to menu Image >
3.New Device Image
4.right-click in the Image Editor pane and choose New Device Image.
5.Select the type of image you want to add.
6.You can also select Custom to create an icon whose size isn't available in the default list.

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