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Solid lines all blurred

Why does it does that?
on July 10th 2016

Hello! First many thanks for this great software! Real easy to use, very cool, many options etc!

Ok, now the criticism:

Solid lines and shapes are always blurred. I still don't know wether they are blured in the rendering windows or in the final image file too, but it's very annoying.
It very visible when zooming in on the drawing.

It's almost impossible to have a non-blurred line unless it's perfectly horizontal or vertical. Even worse: It happens on the Vector Editor too (thought there I think it's only on the rendering window).

But why does it do that? Wouldn't it be more software efficient to have only solid colors?

Or did I miss an option somewhere?

on July 25th 2016

OK, I found out one thing: There are "smoothing" and "non smoothing" buttons but....

it's always blured (smoothed) when exported to another format, like PNG or TIFF.

For JPG it's not a problem, but a PNG image should be optimized for solid color.

The "smoothing" and "non smoothing" buttons are also disabled with the brush. So I must work only with the pencil, but the size of the pencil is limited to the pre-defined shapes.

on July 25th 2016

If you want to have smooth edges, they need to be "blurred". When a pixel is only partially covered by the drawn shape, it appears semi-transparent if on empty background, or blurred if there is a background.

When you zoom in you can see the individual pixels, which is intentional.

As you have found out, you can turn off smoothing and it affects some of the tools, but not brush, because of the nature of the brush tool.

on September 14th 2023

Thanks, this helped a lot

on February 13th

Thank you.

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