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Batch file - limitation to the number of files

on December 21st 2016

I run a batch file,
C:\"SOME PATH"\PhotoResizeP50O.exe "-c<ROOT><PATH>smaller\<NAME>.jpg" %*
Drag multiple files on the batch file and it works great.

Reduces size and puts the smaller file into a subfolder. Works for my purposes perfectly (keeps original & easily creates a smaller file i use for documents without forcing a folder location).

The problem is when i try dragging too many files it won't execute at all. It looks like the problem exists in the command prompt size (too many files) or something along the lines of trying to do too much at once.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what this actual limitation is and if there is some method to work around it - other than choosing fewer files to drag over (i do this already and its a quick if not annoying stopgap).

on December 22nd 2016

There is a ~8000 command line character count limit (or less in older Windows); not a file count limit. The whole file name including all folders is used when dragging and dropping files, so processing files that are in a deep folder structure consumes the available length much quicker.

So, processing files that are for example in C:\myimgs lets you do much more at once. Or, simply drag and drop the folder instead of individual files...

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