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on January 8th 2017

Hi, i'm notice the unstable build of RWPaint only works until 2016.
if i try run this with the date 2017+ this will give an alert "Beta version expired. Please get a more recent build at http://www.rw-designer.com/image-editor.";
of course with only changing the system date this runs, but i think this don't have many sense.
Can release a new "unstable" release? i guess if ignore the date is better.

Another thing, i don't know why, but many times when i save from RWPaint a vectorial image as SVG, the geometric shapes are save as filled shapes, although the shape is not done so.
These are two no filled shapes on RWPaint
and the same shapes saved as SVG
as you can notice are filled on the browser

Curiously, saving the image for web with svg, the shapes are saved properly, although this have more a raster image quality than a svg.

on January 9th 2017

updated version is there now, svg export should work better though using shapes with outline may give different results, because svg and RWPaint handle the outlines slightly differently.

on January 11th 2017

Thank you very much by the update Vlasta!

Now also have a batch image processor option :-D
a few days ago I needed that heh. A great add :-D
RWPaint is one of my favorite image editors ^^

on January 13th 2017

*The draws with Stroke tool are not visible on svg.

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I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?