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Windows 10 Escape Sequences not working after PhotoResizer.exe i

on March 3rd 2017

I'm working on a batch routine in Windows 10 and using the escape sequences to change the color of some of the output to highlight info. This works great until the routine hits the PhotoResizer command. After that, the escape sequences appear in the output as literal characters rather than changing the color of the output.

Here's the batch routine:

   @echo off
   for /d %%F in (*) do (
       echo Examining %%F Folder ... >&2
       cd "%%F"
       for %%C in (*.cbz) do (
           echo  Processing  %%F\%%C >&2
           if exist "%%F\%%C" (
               echo ...File already exists "%%C" >&2
           ) ELSE (
               md "R:\%%~nC"
               echo ... Unpacking  >&2
               7z x -o"R:\1280_%%~nC" "%%C" > nul
               echo ... Resizing:  %%F\%%C >&2
               PhotoResize -^1280 -m -q80 -i -s -e -o "R:\%%~nC"
               echo ... Repacking  >&2
               7z a -mx0 -mmt4 -bd -tzip "%%F\%%C" "%%~nC\*.*" > nul
               echo ... Cleaning up  >&2
               rd "R:\%%~nC" /S/Q
       cd ..

Here is a sample of the output:

You can see that the escape color sequences work for the first couple lines, but as soon as it hits that PhotoResize command, the escape sequences are no longer interpreted.

I thought it might have something to do with the 7-zip command, so I REM-ed it out and tried it, but the results were the same.

Any ideas how I can get Photo Resizer to work with Windows 10 escape sequences?

on May 17th 2017

Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?

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