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"Save as animation..." throws DLL error

on May 10th 2017

Hey! I used this program a while ago to create some cursors for my Latin teacher.
Now, I'd like to share them online, but as most people won't download a .zip file to check out some cursors, I'd like to display them. Fortunately, RealWorld Cursor Editor has got a great feature for that: "Save as animation...". However, if I click that button, I get a warning message saying "Fout bij laden van DLL", which would be something like "Error while loading DLL" in English.
I'm using Windows 10. Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this? :/
I'll try reinstalling it for sure, but I'm afraid that won't do it. (I have obviously already restarted my pc)

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons