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Cursor wont upload!

(Invalid or missing cursor file)
on June 23rd 2017

My working in background cursor wont load! I think there is something wrong with the software. It even had the .ani at the end. Please help.

on December 2nd 2017

if the programm save the cursor with .ani there aren't any problems. Try to reload that cursor and when you select the cursor from image, use ctrl button or shift

EeveeAbby !
on January 25th 2018

fabiojava i have no idea what you just said. what does ctrl or shift have to do with clicking a file? i enter the file to upload then it says Invalid or missing cursor file

Bob the builder
on February 7th 2018

it wonr upload when i click (upload)

Bob the builder
on February 20th 2018

I uploaded the cursor it was there but the next day it was gone, so I had to reupload it

on February 17th 2020

help, theres no point to this website if we can't upload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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