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Modificable text raster layer

on October 2nd 2017

Please add the text added on a new Raster layer, so if want modify the text added later just need select and modify the "text raster layer"
Check by example with Phoxo:

on October 2nd 2017

That is what vector layers are for. A raster layer is just a bunch of pixels. You can mix raster and vector layers in a single image (though you'll need to save as .rli to preserve them as vector layers).

on October 3rd 2017

Oh, I hadn't noticed That I can use the vector layers for that, thanks!

Just a doubt, I have something poorly configured or is something on RWPaint?

I'm using Pixel / Bitmap fonts. These in their exact sizes are not softened at all, what is correct, but I have disabled the Smoothing on RWPaint but is still smoothing the font.
I do not know why it happens.

Check the following images:

LazPaint, Text with Shelter Code Font, size 11

RWPaint Text with Shelter Code Font, size 11
LazPaint, Text with Minecraft Font, size 12

RWPaint, Text with Minecraft Font, size 12
LazPaint, Text with Minecraft Font, size 24

RWPaint, Text with Minecraft Font, size 24

Fonts used:

on October 3rd 2017

Rendering text is a tricky thing and some techniques are, sadly, patented. The default text tool uses a custom rendering code, which avoids the patents and performs for larger font sizes.

There used to be a tool that uses Windows code to render the text, but it was phased out and does not work well in vector layers. In a raster layer, you can activate it by typing


in the command line below the canvas, but in vector layer, it won't work as I did not add all the functions it needs to work properly there.

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