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Wishlist(.KRA,.XCF file format export and import)

Wishlist - The option to import/export GIMP .XCF, and Krita .KRA format
on October 29th 2017

I would like the option to easily convert from .apng to .KRA as there is no easy workaround to this. Krita is a open source content creation/editing software and their .kra format is probably feasible to support seeing as you can rename kra to .zip to see .kra content.

on October 29th 2017

.xcf should already work, not all is imported/exported, but layers are supported. Though afaik animation support in .xcf is weird.

I'll see what can be done about .kra

on November 3rd 2017

Is there anything that can be done? Krita supports non-destructive editing also.

on November 4th 2017

Well, adding proper support would probably take weeks, possibly months, it may happen if popularity of .kra increases.

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