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Cannot edit anything - failed application

What are external conditions?
on November 19th 2017

I just installed realworld paint, and I am a first time user. I booted up the software and first clicked "image from clipboard" in the Create tab. The following message popped up:
"The application failed to execute the requested action for unspecified reason. Please verify that all external conditions for the attempted operation are valid."
I then tried clicking on the other options in the Create tab, to the same result. I tried then to open up a picture in the Open tab, and upon clicking a jpeg photo the same message pops up.

I have no idea what an "external condition" is, and so I have no idea what I even have to verify. Any help on this/fixing this problem?

on November 20th 2017

That is the generic error message, something went wrong, maybe there is a conflict with some other software. Try re-installing or using the portable version.

on January 2nd 2018

there is big issue relating this software ...

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