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the program is continuely crashing
on November 24th 2017

I have been using this program for the past couple of days and it gets really annoying as it starts to crash randomly... I am getting annoyed at how it keeps on crashing. Is it just me? Is there any troubleshooting (it doesn't always crash but every once in a while it does). Also, their isn't any autosave feature so whenever it crashes I lose all my data.

on November 24th 2017

also is this program still in development or has it been abandoned.

on November 24th 2017

Which one? Also, is there a pattern for the crashes?

on November 26th 2017

the cursor editor and no their isnt a pattern

on December 17th 2017

This Program was not crashing still. If ever there was a Crash, then I will Reset.

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