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I cannot see "Change Icon" button on Windows 8.1

on August 14th 2018

I downloaded some Girly Folders and cannot see the "Change Icon" button. Does anyone know a solution to fix this? I appreciate this!

on October 22nd 2018

Figured it out. For some reason the shortcut, though ti worked by opening the programme, was not a proper shortcut.
By removing these, replacing them with new shortcuts from the windows>programmes etc folder I managed to get the change icon button working and thus change the icon .

on November 18th 2019

easy, update to windows 10 xD

not used anymore
on August 26th 2020

First make sure you made the right steps

First you need to right-click the program/file you want to change its icon, then it'll appear the change icon button, and select the .ico file you want. You can also pick others from your hard drive.

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