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Can you merge vector layers?

Everytime I merge layers, I always get a raster layer.
on November 24th 2018

Basically I want to merge to vector layers into one vector layer. Is there a way to do that? If I use the "merge layers" function, I get a raster layer. If I copy every object, they aren't at the same position they were. What can I do?

on November 24th 2018

If certain criteria are met, it is possible, namely: the selected vector layers need to be consecutive, have no layer styles, and use normal blending mode.

I checked it out and there seems to be a small bug related to this. The special vector layer merge is not performed if only one or all layers are selected. So, here is a workaround: if you want to merge all layers, just create a new empty layer on top and select all the other ones leaving the empty layer not selected, do the merge and delete that empty layer.

on November 24th 2018

Making an extra layer on top and not selecting it works for me. Thank you!

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