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How do I change my Avatar Gender?

I have seen that my avatar icon isn't same as others.
on December 4th 2019

Well the thing is that I have seen that some people's avatars whre Male or Female, mine was basically normal. How do I change my gender so people can know I am a man?

C0$M!C G0D
on December 7th 2019

You have to go to profile and set your account gender to male or female

on December 8th 2019

Oh, okay. Thanks!

on March 7th 2021

thank you so much I'm a female

on March 24th 2021

I am a female too

on November 6th 2021

Hello, go to the profile and you have Male or Female there, it's easy, I was looking at first, I couldn't find it, but finally I found

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