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Using Cursors On Platforms Other Than Windows

on May 22nd 2020

I use to use RealWorld Cursor Editor quite often, but found myself unable to do so when I switched to a different operating system. Even worse, I couldn't use any of the cursor themes I created with it. Considering how fragmented the process of creating cursors for different platforms currently is (Different tools for making cursor themes for Windows, Linux, and Mac Os) I decided to begin working on a tool to fix this issue. I finally finished it, and I have decided to name it CursorCreate.

The primary reason I mention it here is it is able to read '.ani' and '.cur' files created using RealWorld Cursor Editor, meaning it should now be much easier to release themes made using RealWorld Cursor Editor on other platforms.

Link to the project homepage:

Link to the binary releases:

on January 15th

This is awesome!! Does this support different cursor sizes like the ones in KDE?

on May 26th

Thanks! It does, the linux exporter dumps cursors that contain 32x32 (Default), 48x48, 64x64, and 128x128 images. Its currently fixed but it shouldn't be too hard to make it flexible. Ones for other platforms also do this (including the windows version).

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