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If you have any sets, say it here and I'll make it.

=My cursor set request stand=
Hello. I'm there for you to request anything so I will make it.

on June 12th

A Baltimore Oriole Bird Cursor Set.

Anonymous 1 post reply:
I'm ready for that stuff.

on June 13th

OK. Thanks!

on June 15th

The battle begins! may the person with the most completed requests win!
(1 point per cursor)

Also, go to the requests page, and you'll see a place where you can get high-quality animated cursors.

on June 16th

Please make a Gamestar Mechanic Cursor Set!

For sure, anonymous.
There's a secondary project over here, which I'm going to call Xerox Alto Red Glow.

on July 11th

I want a tik tok cursor

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?