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Copied vector shape is same shape...

on October 4th 2020

Not sure if this is a "bug" or not... When working on a vector layer in RWIE, i created a shape with a gradient fill. Then I needed a mirror image of the shape next to it. I selected the shape and did Ctrl+C then CTRL+V, then dragged the duplicate shape over next to it. With only the new copied shape selected, I attempted to do Image > More Transformantions > Mirror. Both shapes got flipped over though.. If you go to arbitrary rotation, you will see both copies. I guess that RWIE thinks they are both the same shape (just in two locations)? I'm not sure.

fyi the workaround that I found was to cut one image and paste it to a new layer. That seems to "break the bond."

EDIT: Actually I should have titled this "Copied vector item is same item."

side note: The item (shape) I was working on was the shaded areas on the sides of my nose in my updated avatar. ;-}

on October 5th 2020

The Mirror operation and others in that submenu work with the whole layer. You can apply transformation to selected shapes with Object->Transform object menu command. Mirroring can be done by putting "-1,1" into the Scale box.

on October 7th 2020

I see. That makes sense, since one menu is for "image" and the other is for "object." LOL. Thanks Vlasta!

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