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How would I go about centring a selection

on January 23rd

I need help moving a select part of my raster image to the middle of the x or y axis of my canvas.

In order for me to center both x and Y simultaneously, I would use "crop to selection" and then resize the canvas using the "canvas size tool" however I am trying to only move it along one axis to the center, and preserve its location across the other axis.

if you need me to elaborate on anything please let me know
Thanks :-)

on January 23rd

do you mean moving layers? so you can move them on the x/y axis but still be in the middle, like Microsoft’s programs let you do? cause I've been looking for a feature like that as well

on January 23rd

I select a part of the image using the transformation tool and that is what i want to center

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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?